Project Description

Multiplica Increases Mobile Conversion Rates for Iberostar Hotels and Resorts

Iberostar Hotels and Resorts approached Multiplica to increase the conversion rates for users on their mobile devices and generate more interest in the mobile experience of their booking funnel. Multiplica increased direct bookings for Iberostar on mobile devices, and enhanced the mobile view of their site so that it mirrored the functionality of their app. This led to double-digit conversion increases in direct bookings on mobile! 

How did we do it? 

  • Retargeting: we captured and used personally non-identifying user information to retarget users by destination
  • Geo-targeting: we showed the most relevant content to users based on their location
  • Optimized forms: we optimized their forms so that the experience mirrored the functionality of the app
  • UX/UI: we made significant optimizations to the user experience and user interface design of their mobile view to increase ease of use and
    remove any barriers in the conversion
    funnel that might prevent users from booking

Project Details

  • ClientIberostar Hotels and Resorts
  • Date2019
  • TechnologyDynamic Yield